Offshore Development Center (Dedicated Team)

Pricing strategy used in this model is based on amount of time our development team is actually spent on client's projects. It is recommended to companies who:

  • Have complicated project with certain modifications in specification and design
  • Have jobs to do in flexible manner


  • Easily optimize your cost and duration by change the team size.
  • Directly access to professional resources without recruiting, training and housing employees.
  • Our developers are solely focused on your projects.

Project-Based Pricing

The project will be reasonably separated to components and the pricing model is calculated based on efforts required to complete each components. It is recommended to companies who:

  • Has project with well-defined scope and specification.
  • Have good plan to finish the project within a short time period.


  • The cost for project is fixed before starting the development.
  • Know exactly when the project will be completed.
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