We are constantly looking for chances to work on new development domains


IXO Software has successfully completed over 20 projects in various fields such as Workout, Promotion, VoIP apps. Our developers all have between 3-6 years experience in app development. That has been the key to the successful completion of our clients' projects.

Cross-platform App Development with React Native

  • Features consistency by reuse the same code across all platforms. Cut down on repetitive tasks, cut down on problems.
  • No longer need to spend on developing apps for every individual platform separately. Use the same team for diverse platforms.
  • App development is much faster by saving up to 40%. The faster app development speed the sooner product reaching the market.
  • App performance is native like. If your app doesn't require too much complex animations or customization to native components, it is best fit with React Native.

Native iOS / Android App Development

Our high skills and experienced mobile developers have exceptional knowledge of building apps for both iOS and Android platforms. We love delivering apps that surpass client expectations while maintaining the time and cost within the budget.

Our developers will conscientiously work with you from the design process all the way through to training and advice to publish to app stores.​

  • iOS technologies and frameworks:
    • Cocoa Touch
    • Objective-C
    • iOS SDK
    • xCode IDE
  • Android technologies:
    • Android Studio
    • Eclipse ADT


Website development is the most popular development domain that we are focusing on. Currently, 60% of our developers are proficient with web development. We have delivered over 15 web applications in various types such as large newspapers, e-commerce sites, travel portal for hotels and tickets booking. All websites we built are responsive, mobile-friendly and compatible with all major browsers.

The most popular programming languages and frameworks for web development we are using at IXO Software are:


With deep understand and strong experience of cloud-based system, we have created an efficient development process for cloud-applications. We applied CI/CD deployment model in most of our projects with the support of Docker. We will receive an truly cloud application which can be easily scaled up at any time.


A success e-commerce business requires a good software, we focus on a full range of elements related to your online business. This includes choosing an e-commerce platform and develop features to match with your individual requirements. We always ensure that you receive an efficient, easy to use software powered with most security, fast performance and scalability to manage vast volume of consumers.

If you want to reach for huge number of mobile users, we offer you mobile e-commerce app development service. We can build the app and the whole system from scratch or an app for your existing system.


More than 6 years experience working in travel industry cultivated us a good knowledge about every segments of travel industry. For every travel software requirements we know exactly how to build it and what is the problem we have to solve. What we have successful delivered to our clients included:

Travel Portal

For hotels, flight tickets, tours or travel packages bookings. We have connected with various Global Distribution System (GDS) worldwide. We also made scalable system for updating flight tickets directly from airlines system.

Hotel Price Comparison

System works like a meta search engine to aggregate hotels from multiple sources to find out best and cheapest price for their searching hotels. The system can work as standalone app or be a library to other system to check the price or fetch the hotel information.

Hotel Property Management System (PMS)

Complete system for hotel to manage their own property from rooms, availability to any internal services. Our system can improve guests satisfaction and increase the retention rate.
The PMS can be connected to third party system to update with latest bookings from guests.

CRM for Travel Agency

We have custom CRM built only for Travel Agency to efficiently manage business and increase sales as well as internal operations. It helps you to reduce up to 40% of operation cost.
We can also customize the Travel CRM for your own purpose.

We are customizing software for other business domains too

Please let us know your business problem and we will come up with great solution.


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